Baroque Architecture


Hello everyone, my topic is Baroque Architecture that is a kind of building style in Baroque era. Baroque era begins around 1600 and ends roughly 1715. The word Baroque is from the Portuguese and originally used negatively (Daniel et al.,2008, p.222). It describes anything opposite from Classical art and Renaissance art. Classical and Renaissance period concerned balance and proportion. However, keywords of the Baroque are drama and passion. I love Baroque architecture and I was attracted by this dynamic architecture style including dynamic flow architecture space appearance and change of light and shadow. In Baroque style building, you can see architecture integrates with sculptures. You will also feel the holy atmosphere of religion immediately. Architects make the bulky and heavy marble light carving and colored drawing true to life. Baroque Architecture is popular through Europe and Latin America.



Daniel et al. (2008). Architecture A world History. New York: Abrams, Inc.



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