The Beginning of Baroque Period

In the Renaissance period, the humanism waves swept over the whole of Europe. Burgeoning Capitalism weakened seriously the dominance of religion in human ideological field. At the same time, modern natural science came into Europe. “Heliocentric Theory” overthrew “Geocentric Theory” which was supported by the Christian. Religion was hit two times in a row. The Roman Church realized the power of art. Hence, “Baroque began in Italy, where, as part of the counter-reformation, the Catholic Church sought to attract the masses away from Protestantism (Daniel et al., 2008 p223).”


Francesco Borromini: Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza     

Baroque art was stimulated by counter-reformation. Thus, pray, meditation and spirituality are cores of Baroque art, which is the response of counter-reformation. Baroque art is trying to overwhelm the sense. Therefore, entering a Baroque building, those paints and scriptures can cause a strong resonance. The style of Baroque is massive and ornate, which the main purpose is glorifying the church and the Catholic religion. In Italian Baroque architecture, it begins in the Italian model of the basilica with crossed concave surface and nave. In order to catch the attention, churches became an ostentatious display of wealth. They extensively used valuable materials and pursue fresh style. Unprecedented architectural image and techniques emerge in an endless stream. Baroque Architectures are gorgeous, grand and magnificent. Although the main reason of beginning Baroque is struggling for religious, the style quickly occupied Italy and extended to the rest of European countries.


Daniel et al. (2008). Architecture A world History. New York: Abrams, Inc.


One thought on “The Beginning of Baroque Period”

  1. This seems very interesting and it is my first time learning about this. I really love your topic it is very diverse and outside the box. I plan to keep reading your blog to learn about new styles of Baroque.


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