French Baroque Architecture

Baroque architecture became the dominant architecture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in most European countries. However, the worst Baroque style structures are terrible because the troubles of those buildings are too crowded with decoration and they broke too many rules. Some Baroque style buildings are attractive and beautiful and one of them is Versailles.

The Hall of Mirrors from the Palace of Versailles

In France, King Louis XIV extensively used of the baroque style to show his absolutism. Despite the baroque style start and development in church architecture in Italy, the power of the French monarchy and the wealthy upper class developed Baroque designs to secular castle. People more concerned about the smaller details when they built estates and palaces. To design large elaborate courtyards, fountains and interior decorations are become the architects’ work, and architects’ works were similar likes interior designers and landscapers. Baroque buildings are generally very well planned, which means to fit the place where they are built and to go well with the scenery around them.

Château de Maisons-Laffitte near Paris, 1642 

“Baroque chateaux were typically designed on a three part plan, including the cpros de logis, cour d’honneur and grandiose interiors (Daniel et al., 2008 p224).” The cpros de logis is a French Architecture term for the principal part of a large palace. It is a center most section and contains the principal rooms and stat apartments and entrance. Cour d’honneus is also a French Architecture term referring a large three-side courtyard. The cpros de logis and the two wings surround it. Grandiose interiors include marble staircase and mirror halls. In eighteenth century, lots of buildings were influenced by Baroque architecture.

Daniel et al. (2008). Architecture A World History. New York: Abrams, Inc.


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  1. I always wanted to learn french because it is very stupendous to be bilingual. This very historical because all this happen in the 17th and 18th centuries, we wasn’t even thought of and to be able to learn about it is awesome.


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