The Palace of Versailles is located 20 kilometers far from Paris City. It is one of five greatest palaces in the world (Beijing Forbidden City, Versailles, Buckingham Palace, White House and Russia Kremlin). It is also the perfect combination of Classicism and Baroque architecture.

The palace of Versailles

Versailles is the symbol of the absolute monarchy, which was built by French Royalty. In 1623, Louis XIII bought Versailles’s original location and built a hunting lodge. At that time, Versailles only had 26 rooms. During the reign of Louis XIV, Versailles has been expanded. In 1682, Louis XIV decided to move the French court from Paris to Versailles. Versailles is the crystal of many French artists and architects’ design. It also has become the most magnificent palace around Europe. Louis XV and Louis XVI successively expanded and added new things. At last, Versailles had more than 700 rooms and covered approximately 51000 square meters.

Versailles was built by classical standard with a three-stage process. It means the building is divided into vertically and horizontally three sections. Versailles is a symmetrical building and the appearance is neatly, which is known as the representative of the rational beauty. However, the Baroque is the main style of interior decoration. Some halls also used Rococo style.

“The chateau itself is only part of the large landscape grounds, which include the Grand Trianon, the Paviion Francais, the Petit Trianon, and the Jardin du Petit Trianon. There are also five chapels in the complex (Daniel et al., 2008 p242).”

The Royal Chapel

If the appearance of Versailles makes you feel magnificent, then its interior decoration and furnishings create the feeling that is full of art atmosphere. The interior decoration is extremely luxurious which one of feature of Versailles is. More than five hundreds halls are shining everywhere. The inner walls are decorated with carving, huge oil painting and tapestries. Sun that is the symbol of Louis XIV is also a common theme in Versailles. There are lots of metal stair railings, and some metal parts even covered gold.


In 1789, when Louis XVI was held by people to go to Paris, it states the end of Versailles as a royal palace. Versailles as a court only kept 107 years.

Today, Versailles as a museum has 67staricases, 2300 rooms, 2153 windows and 5210 pieces of furniture.


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4 thoughts on “Versailles”

  1. Versailles looks absolutely beautiful. I remember learning about King Louis XIV in high school and I have always thought about how amazing it was that he moved the French Court out to his home. Way to keep this fun and interesting!


  2. Versailles seems to be a beautiful tourist attraction. I definitely would like to add this place to my bucket list because I would personally want to see it.


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