German Baroque Architecture

Wurzburg Residence

Due to political reasons, many European countries were affected by the Roman Baroque relatively late, such as Germany and Austria. However, once they accepted, it is hardly control to stop and quickly developed this style to extremes. For example in Germany, SS. Georg and Martin, Wurzburg Residence, Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and Sans Souci are the greatest Baroque architecture around the world.  Balthasar Neumann, Asam Brothers and Georg von Knobelsdorff are famous Baroque architects who designed those buildings.

Following the 30 Years’ War, Baroque style arrived in Germany. During the later period of the 17th century, many German architects studied and returned from Italy. They combined the Italian Baroque style with German national architectural style. The Germany Baroque royal and government buildings also based on French Baroque style. Versailles is the best example. IN the first half of 18th century, the German Baroque architecture became a wonderful art in the history of European architecture. Wuerzburg, Munich, Dresden and Potsdam have become European best Baroque City.

German Baroque style churches have simple and elegant appearances. Those buildings coordinate with the natural environment. The outer wall is flat. There is not too much decorations. The interior decoration is gorgeous, which results a strong contrast inside and outside. Well-known examples are the Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers in outskirts of Bamberg and St. Rochus pilgrimage church.

Interior of the Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers





2 thoughts on “German Baroque Architecture”

  1. I think architecture is very cool, especially European architecture. I know a little about the Baroque era, because I was in Music Appreciation last semester and it was, like you said, a very effective era. It is cool to see how different eras affect different things at different times. Very cool blog post.


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