Baroque throughout the World

Schonbrunn Palace

Baroque architecture spread to France, southern Germany, Austria, British, Portugal and Latin American colonies, from Italy Rome.

In Austria, the baroque style is mainly affected by German Baroque. In the 18th Century, many famous Austrian buildings were designed by German architects, such as Schonbrunn Palace. The facade of Schonbrunn Palace used classical style, but inside of the building used Italian Baroque style to decorate. Vienna is the capital of Austria and Habsburgs, which had ruled Austria, Bohemia, Hungary and other central European region. In the 17th century, after regaining Hungary and Balkans form Turks, Vienna states had consolidated and improved. At the same time, Vienna became the first city that has characteristics of Baroque in German-speaking countries. Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt and Jacob Prandtauer play the major role in Vienna Baroque evolution.

Baroque style was popular in Catholic countries. British is a Protestant country and prefer simple style. Therefore, Baroque style has slowly adopted. However, during the restoration of Charles II, he started to use ornate style to demonstrate the power.

“On the Iberian Peninsula, Spanish and Portuguese architects combined Baroque dynamism with Gothic traditions (Daniel et al., 2008 p226).”

Baroque architecture even spread to Asia including, China and Japan. For example, Chinese emperor’s Simmer Palace had Baroque buildings and garden. Hikone Castle, a famous Japanese Castles, was built in Bernese Baroque style.


Hikone Castle


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