The Zwinger Today

The Zwinger is a place, which located in German City of Dresden. It is a typical Rococo and Baroque Architecture. Matthaus Danial Poppelmann who was a court architect for the King of Poland and Augustus II the Strong designed the Zwinger in 1709 and completed in 1732.

King Saxony not only had great military talent but also enjoyed art and life. He loved wine and beauties. At the same time, he was the father for more than 300 children. In order to show his artistic taste, he commanded to construct the Zwinger.

Initially, the Zwinger is a square that built by wood, as Saxon kings and nobles celebrating places to hold competitions and games. During 1710-1719, Matthaus Danail Poppelmann used sandstone to rebuild the Zwinger palace. Both sides of the place were surrounded by pavilions and galleries. The most popular and attractive place for photographers is Kronentor that is adorned by the ancient Greece and Roma elements and also has Italy Baroque elements. In the Zwinger square, there is one of the most beautiful Baroque German fountains Nymphenbad.

In the World War II, the Zwinger was bombed by the British aircraft and almost completely destroyed. The Zwinger now was imitated with its original model after the war.

Now, the Zwinger is a museum that contains Old Masters Picture Gallery, the Dresden Porcelain Collection and Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instrument.





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